Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wishing Brainpark Good Luck!

I went to Guelph Ontario last Wednesday for a party. No really, I did. It is something I haven't done since my days at Wilfrid Laurier U. And even back then I am not really sure I ever went there on a Wednesday.

The reason I decided to make the trip from Montreal was to support the Brainpark launch and to see how Mark Dowds, a master promoter in his own right, and his team would introduce the new company to the world.

I have to say, I was impressed. The turnout was great. People had come in from all over. The mood was light but had a underlying sense of purpose. It was a very good mixture of networking, demo, interaction and partying. The open bar never hurts.

In the end it was both informative and very fun. Well worth the trek from Montreal.

Good Luck to the Brainpark Team!


markdowds said...

Bryan, thank you for making the trek all the way to Guelph. It was an honor for us to have you there. Mutual well-wishes go to you guys as well.


Bryan said...

Thanks Mark. See you again soon.