Monday, October 20, 2008

PaaS Channel Strategies

Over the past several weeks we have had many conversations about how to build our business with various people. One of the strategies that we have consistently discussed and are very bullish about is the strategy of building strong relationships with those companies building websites and web apps. In other words, engaging with companies like: design shops, agencies and software consultancies.

We are excited about this targeting strategy because these types of companies have the access to a regular stream of new projects and the budgets associated with them. We are also excited because of the benefit that we can deliver in return. Benefits ranging from speed to market, to added end customer benefit (lower operational costs) to code reusability, and last but definitely not least, a potential recurring revenue stream through revenue sharing, are resulting in interest from most we have talked to date.

One company that we are currently exploring a strategic relationship opportunity with is
BCM. BCM is a large, 11 year old, Mexico based technology consultancy with a broad range of services and a consistently impressive annual growth rate. Last week, after working with Miguel Caron (CEO of BCM International), BCM began helping us develop an application on the RSP. At the same time, the plan is to have their developers evaluate the RSP while they work with it.

The goal of this project is to have BCM identify the types of projects that they deem to be well suited for the platform so that they can leverage its power to deliver those projects more quickly, efficiently and with the potential of generating recurring revenue in future. We are very excited about the early results and thank Miguel and his team for the referrals they have past on to us over the last couple of weeks.

Other companies that we have talked to include: Eric and Sylvain of
iWeb, Stephen Walsh of Sinodev, and Niko Leger and Karim Barbir of PhiVision. Each has provided their own unique and valuable perspective on what we are doing at Reasonably Smart. PhiVision is considering building a relatively simple website on the RSP and the others are looking at how the RSP would benefit (or not) their business.

Fundamentally, the early positive response solidifies our belief that there is an additional method for building a business like Reasonably Smart over and above just driving adoption in the developer community.

Consultancies, agencies and design shops are in our sights and we are going to do our best to capitalize on the opportunity with them.

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