Friday, September 12, 2008

First Customer Site

We at Reasonably Smart are proud to announce that we now have our first customer site up and running on the Reasonably Smart Platform (RSP) - The site is owned by Katrien Janin - Designer and Usability expert extraordinaire.

As many of you close to the company know, Katrien is the wife of Reasonably Smart's founder and CTO, James Duncan. Given this fact, it's a special kind of validation for me that despite the husband and wife thing, she trusts and believes in the platform enough to host her newly launched business website. Tremendous!

In other customer news, on Monday of this week we launched a project where we are working with an accomplished group of Montreal-based software executives to deliver a comprehensive social network application. We are very excited about this project and hope to deliver the beta by the middle to 3rd week of October. Once operational, this customer's application is sure to showcase much of what the RSP has to offer.

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