Monday, August 11, 2008

Good to be on the Receiving end of Patches

It's especially good when a lot of your time is being used by working on the business itself.

On that front, I have to thank two people especially.  Firstly, Claes Jakobsson, creator of, and without whom RSP would not exist.  Claes has been incredibly helpful, working on ironing out a few bugs in, and introducing a couple of new capabilities that are needed to push what the RSP is doing to another level.

Secondly, Hans Dieter Pearcey sent me a few patches for the RSP itself.  One of them was on my todo list, so I'm incredibly happy to apply it into my working tree.  HDP also fixed up my Makefile.PL so that it has all the correct prereqs in there.  Another win!

I'm also trying to track down what is stopping ClaimID OpenID's from working, reported in our Google group.

So a huge thank you to everybody who has taken the time to look at, fix, and report problems and, even better, come up with solutions!

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