Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hello Software World! My name is Bryan and I would like to introduce myself. I am the co-founder of Reasonably Smart**. In fact I am the reasonably smart one. James Duncan, my friends, is the really, really smart one.

Despite founding and operating a SaaS company for the past 8 years I have never really immersed myself into the software development environment outside of my own company. This has now changed.

James and I are working hard to create a powerful, exciting and value delivering Platform as a Service that we can all sink our teeth into and derive value from. We are building this platform so that it will support everyone from the individual to the corporation. The two of us are both are very much aligned in overall philosophy about how this platform must be designed. Fundamentally it must be:

  • Open
  • Scalable, redundant, secure, etc.
  • Full-featured at the application level
  • Well-supported beyond the help desk - more specifically, solid professional services
  • Did I say open?
  • Integrated with version control
  • Free of lock-in tactics
  • Open
I, obviously, will be concentrating on the business building elements of growing this company so, when you are reading my posts, you will be reading about things like:

  • The company's product road-map
  • The revenue model
  • The professional services and support we will be offering
  • The company's funding activities
  • The developer community that we will try to bring together
  • The applications that we will build to give our customers a head start
  • The company's human resource needs

We now have the "alpha" version up and running at We are hoping that you can spend a little time playing around with it and providing us with some feedback.

While you are doing that and James continues to work on the infrastructure I will be putting the finishing touches on the business plan. We will then contact targeted potential funding organizations to see if we can secure the needed capital for the next steps of the plan.

Please stay tuned. This is going to be a very fun and interesting ride...

** a working name - comments welcome

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